Spectra Development
A three story glazed Atrium maintaining transparency to the exterior that is achieved by tension trusses and tension rods which eliminated main steel frames, alleviated cost and extra materials.
Design collaboration and customization for a three story glazed atrium accomplished by a tension truss system which allows for an unimpeded view to the exterior.
Stairway supported by stainless steel satin polished fins and state of the art fittings enhancing the look of the interior Waterfront Park offices. Glass bolts connected to the stanchions support the glass panels at top and bottom.
Carbon steel trusses and tension rods line the atrium. I used a 0.50” turnbuckle to connect the horizontal tension rods at midpoint. Stainless steel 316 type rods pass through a specialized fitting screwed or welded to the truss to prevent sagging. 4” dia stainless steel threaded pins connecting trusses to foundation plates.
Rods and flying mast wrap supporting the glass curtain wall.This prominent flying mast contoured fitting provides for two 0.50” headed rods to pass through at two different angles. A very distinctive fitting with compound angles for a comfort fit.  The back clevis fitting I had to radius for a 0.75” horizontal headed rod and pinned to the building frame.
I customized a stainless steel 0.75” Clevis jaw to be seated inside a 2” stainless steel tube and pinned for the horizontal bracing with a travel of 3.50.”
I designed a stainless steel fitting to cap off the ends of the 0.50” horizontal tension line. I did this by machining the rod housing that matched the contour to the headed rod. Another specialized fitting allows the rod to pass through it and screwed or welded to the truss.
A detailed look after installation showing both vertical and horizontal bracing. A customized fitting is pinned through the 2” stainless steel tubing. Unique End caps with contoured details were developed.
Stainless steel 0.50” headed rods were required for the vertical bracing on this project. I tailor-made a 0.50” clevis with a #4 satin finish and a total travel of 1.750”
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